We have often heard of couples making promises that we will grow old together and depart from this world together but what if one of the partner leaves first and another is left isolated in this cruel world . What will happen to me when i will grow old ? Who will look after me when i will become the victim of infirmity ? These are some of the definite questions which will put you into dilema. But with the rising trend in living pattern there is also a new trend of elder care homes which give enough space to the elderly people.

There was a friend of mine who cleared various doubts of mine regarding these old age homes, who had to migrate to America for few months leaving her mom all alone in one of the reputed elder care home for few months. His mother initially was very ambivalent about her staying but now she like to spend most of her time with her friends she made in the elder care.  He enlightened me with all the care and affection his mother got there by the authority.

After talking to my friend i came to understand that all old age is definitely dreadful but some good experiences can make it more lively and amazing.

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